Merchandise Solutions

Behold Rugs America’s innovative, state of the art retail display system. It’s sleek, bold and seamless appearance brings style and décor to the retail floor. Unlike the standard, aged, swing-style racks, Rugs America’s sliding rail system answers the industry’s call for an overdue, modernized and user friendly rug display system. The fixture is customizable to accommodate various quantities of rugs, and occupies a much smaller footprint in the retail space with its architecturally sensible design.

Retailers can now provide their customers with a renewed perspective of a time-honored product. With the purchase of our samples, dealers can receive this fixture free of charge. To learn more about the additional benefits of this program, please contact Rugs America.


60 Rug Display Fixture
105 total sq. ft.
6’4″ deep, 16’6″ wide, 9’2″ high
40 Rug Display Fixture
70 total sq. ft.
4’3″ deep, 16’6″ wide, 9’2″ high
20 Rug Display Fixture
50 total sq. ft.
4’3″ deep, 11’9″ wide, 9’2″ high
Vertical Drawer Display
20 rug capacity
20 total sq. ft.
3’3” deep, 5’11” wide, 8’6” high


For inquiries, please contact our Sales Department at (631) 843-6100 Ext.107 or via email at [email protected].