Rug Care

How to Care and Clean Your Area Rug

Thank you for purchasing a design from a Rugs America dealer! We want you to keep your floor covering in top notch shape for as long as possible, so make sure you follow these tips to maintain your rug for the years to come!


After unwrapping, your new area rug may not lay completely flat. Wrinkles will release naturally over time; however, you can expedite the process by reverse rolling the rug.

Flip the area rug over and roll in the opposite direction of the crease. If the crease persists, keep the area rug reverse rolled for 24 hours.

General care and maintenance:

Vacuum regularly, at least once a week. By regularly removing dust and dirt, you will prevent debris from setting in.

Rotate your rug regularly, once or twice a year. Your rug will be exposed to even wear and tear from foot traffic, sunlight, and pets.

Rug pads are always recommended to protect both your floors and area rug. Additionally, a pad will prevent your rug from sliding around and add extra comfort to your step.

Spills, stains, spots:

Life happens and spills happen. To prevent a stain, time is of the essence. Remove excess liquid with a clean white cloth or with a spoon for larger spills. Blot. Do not rub.

For the remaining stain, mix a solution of one-quart lukewarm water, one tablespoon of mild detergent, and one tablespoon of white vinegar. Apply and blot.

To prevent watermarking, dry completely. Brush pile after rug is dry.

For more difficult stains, call a professional rug cleaner in your area.