Rugs America provides its dealers with sales training seminars to provide general information on area rugs, as well as helpful tools and tips on selling rugs to their consumers. These seminars will cover various topics, including but not limited to the following:

Choosing the Right Style
A rug’s style has the ability to compliment a room’s décor or reinvent an outdated space. Help your customer select a design by first determining the mood and feeling the customer desires for the room. Rugs America offers a wide variety of style categories, including Traditional, Contemporary, Floral and Transitional, all of which offer distinctive product lines conceptualized by our talented in-house design team.

Choosing the Right Colors
Whether accenting a theme or bringing a room to life, choosing the right colors is a critical step in the selection process. Determine the primary color of the rug from your customer’s upholstery, draperies, paint or any other dominant color in the room. Fabric swatches, paint chips, pillows or carpet swatches are ideal for color reference. For a more dramatic effect, select a strong contrasting color, or utilize secondary accent colors to frame and define a space.

Choosing the Right Size
Too large, and you may lose the framing effect. Too small, you lose the effect altogether. Choosing the perfect rug size is based on where the rug will be placed, and what elements of your room will be amplified. Remember, rugs will add the most stunning impact when they enhance the floor beneath it, not conceal it. Room measurements will ease the size selection process. Remind your customer that rugs appear larger when hanging vertically on the rug rack.

Care and Cleaning
Every Rugs America product is shipped with a descriptive cleaning insert informing consumers of the proper steps to maintain their rug. Paired with regular vacuuming and Rugs America’s useful tips for cleaning, this new addition to your home will continue to provide value and satisfaction for years to come.